What are the dangers of not addressing unsolved issues from our past?

The danger is that those issues will continually impact and shape our lives without us understanding what is going on. This means that on many levels your past is controlling who you are in the present, instead of you being the author of your own life.

People often erroneously think that by ignoring or sweeping past issues under the rug, they are no longer a factor in their lives, when in fact this is when they have the most power over you. When we do not address what is unconscious, it has the most control over who we are, without us even understanding how or why.

  • You might find yourself getting into the same kind of toxic dysfunctional relationship again and again.
  • You might find yourself sabotaging your own efforts to get ahead.
  • You may see yourself as a failure or as having little value.
  • You might find yourself experiencing physical symptoms such as stomach aches, headaches, dizziness, and nausea.
  • You may be afraid to leave your home and see danger around every corner.
  • You may just feel stuck and not have any idea how you got where you are or where you are going.

These are just a few possibilities of how you past issues and unconscious mind can impact your present life.

If you want to call the shots and not let your unconscious be the puppet master, you should address whatever issues you have. Know that issues don’t necessarily get “solved”, but by making them conscious, you get to make the choices instead of having them made for you.


August 7, 2019